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Are you thinking about buying a property?

Posted by qy9hu on July 27, 2022

That’s whay we offer you the consultancy you need for making the best investment in the Island of Krk and our main aim is to exceed the expectations of our clients and offer the necessary service.

And as property consultants, today we would like to provide interesting information about the differences between a real estate agency and a property consultant.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a property consultant.?

These words seem interchangeable and similar, but when we deep dive into the roles and responsibilities associated with these words especially when we talk about the professional tags, we discover that the are completely different from each other and they need a completely different set of skills to be executed well.

A real Estate Agent and a Property consultant are two terms that are often interchanged. Though both the terms are related to the Real estate deals, there is a huge difference between the two when we compare them based on the experience and license required to have this position.

If we take the pure definition of the term ‘agent’ versus the term ‘consultant’ we will see that the most obvious difference between one and another is the level of compromise, experience, and knowledge.

An agent is a person ‘representing a business or entity and managing sales or other transactions.

A consultant is an ‘expert in matters which advises professionally’.

That is why it is crucial to show the difference between one and the other. Real estate agencies normally work based on goals and sales. The role of a consultant lays on personal –noncommercial- commitment.

A consultant is able to build a commercial relationship from another perspective with the client, because the consultant has a wide background and year-long experience in this matter.

This is why the consultant, when searching for a property for a client, on one hand, takes special attention for details, worries about the client’s needs and expectations and, on the other hand, pampers the selling product and listens to the buyer.

The work of a property consultant is to study the product, explore the options, filter the results and understand the different ways to choose the one which will better adapt to the buyer’s or seller’s needs.

Even though both the real estate agent and the property consultant seek to sell or buy a property for their client, the attitude towards the client and their own job is totally opposite. It is true that a real estate agent normally counts on the support system of big firms, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It is very common that employees working in big real estate agencies lack experience, contacts and are hardly trained to offer expert advice, as they also work under the pressure of getting good results.

The mentality of a property consultant, on the other side, means prioritizing the comprehension of the client’s needs. Listening in an active way, processing the information we get and doing the right questions before giving a recommendation are key.

Real estate agent Sales manager holding filing keys to customer after signing rental lease contract of sale purchase agreement, concerning mortgage loan offer for and house insurance.

The work here at Element c22, Mediation and Promotion, is not only to offer a product, but to have a deep knowledge about every property we are commercializing – if these are within our commercial reach or not – to give the right answer to our client’s needs.

This is exactly where the competitive advantage of our property consultant company based in Krk relays.

Your questions are ours.

This is why we adapt to your needs, being commitment and discretion our identifying traits.


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